Some things I've built


Github repo

GeoTube was my final project at General Assembly, and was built together with Sean Keegan using React, the Google Maps and the YouTube APIs, and a Rails backend. Many YouTube videos have geolocation metadata with the coordinates of where they were filmed, and searching YouTube by coordinates instead of by video title makes it easy to discover interesting videos regionally. GeoTube makes it easy to discover and watch these videos, and visualizes the search area!


Github repo

Vybez is a music discovery app built in collaboration with Carrie Streed and Tyler Gates using React, the and Spotify APIs, with a Node backend. After logging in, users can search the API for the most popular songs in any given country for the past week, which are displayed on the main page. You can mouseover the songs to hear a preview of the track, and can add songs you like to a playlist to reference or listen to later!

Citi Bike Navigator

Github repo

The Citi Bike Navigator app provides comprehensive walking and cycling directions for Citi Bike riders between any two locations in NYC. It uses the Citi Bike API – which provides live Citi Bike station data like station coordinates and the number of bikes docked at any given station – and finds the closest stations to your starting point and destination which have bikes available and docking stations free, respectively. It then uses Google Maps walking and cycling directions to guide you on every leg of your journey, start to finish!

My Skillset




Vanilla JS, ES6





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Ruby on Rails



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